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domingo, março 02, 2008
Sierra Hull

Secrets, o álbum de estréia da prodígio de 16 anos chega em Maio. Mas uma das faixas pode ser baixada,
Hullarious. Aos 10 anos ela lançou um álbum, mas que ela mesma explica que não considera uma estréia:

“I would definitely consider this my first ‘real’ recording. I made a CD when I was 10 years old called Angel Mountain which included all instrumentals, but I feel like I’ve really had the chance to grow up and mature as a musician and singer since that time, and would think more of this as being my debut so to speak. It’s also my first record through a label, which changes things as well.”

Sobre o novo álbum:

When a 16 year old bluegrass prodigy enlists some of the biggest names in the business to help record her debut project for a major independent label, it’s fair to presume that we are looking at something special. Such is the case with Sierra Hull, whose upcoming project is already generating some serious buzz in the biz.

Sierra is more veteran performer than newcomer, having several years behind her performing, on top of winning mandolin and guitar competitions. She has shared the stage with Alison Krauss, Ralph Stanley, Ricky Skaggs and Mountain Heart, and has an appearance on the Grand Ole Opry to her credit while still in high school.

Her Secrets CD is due for a May 6 release on Rounder, which features this talented teen on mandolin and vocals, with support from bluegrass heavyweights like Dan Tyminksi, Barry Bales, Ron Block, Jerry Douglas, Tony Rice, Jim Van Cleve, and Rob Ickes.

“I would really think of myself as being more of a mandolin player, and I would say that most people probably know me as a mandolin player that also plays guitar some, but I really love playing guitar as well. I spend a lot of time playing both, however, and enjoy them equally in many ways.”

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