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sábado, maio 12, 2007
Emerson Hart - Cigarettes And Gasoline

Álbum solo de Emerson Hart, ex-integrante da banda Tonic, mais conhecido pela música de abertura que fez para o seriado American Dreams,
Generation (gosto tanto dessa canção que está no meu perfil do orkut, talvez pelo clima, pela letra e pelo que passava aquela abertura da série, o clipe é engraçado e tem a gracinha da atriz principal). O disco segue o mesmo estilo emocional com bons refrões e que parecem feitas para trilhas de filmes, como I Wish The Best For You, If You're Gonna Leave, When She Loves You e Run To. A Vanity lembra tanto Beatles em um trecho que deve ser homenagem.


"Here is finally a new sign from one of the best voices in the modern rock business – Emerson Hart. His 12-song debut disc is a cathartic journey and intimate lyrical portrait that includes irresistible, melodic songs all over. It is his magnificent voice and the production signed Bob Rock that sets the tone together with a bunch of great written tunes." - Pär Winberg

"“Cigarettes And Gasoline” is not derivative. It’s not the easy path. It’s an artist taking risks in a world where no one does. It’s someone following their gut and being truly creative AND for that reason, it deserves your attention and a spot on your shelf. “Cigarettes And Gasoline” is a damn good album. And we don’t just throw that phrase around." - Celluloid & Vinyl

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